Build an Efficient Approval Process

Service requests such as discount adjustments or accounts applying to sell online often get lost in the email chain resulting in frustrated customers and sales reps not knowing who is accountable for the approval. HubSoft provides a customizable service request tool that allows reps, customers and internal staff to track the visibility of workflow status. This process provides accountability and time stamps for each approval phase.

Manage Overselling

Sales does not want to loose orders so the compromise is to allow overselling. Based on permissions, HubSoft will allow users to place orders exceeding available inventory and allocate the unavailable items to a back order and ship what is available for immediate delivery. HubSoft has the capability to split one order into multiple deliveries based on seasons, product category, multiple price books, and warehouses. You can also prevent overselling by using admin permissions to manage product at the color and size level to restrict order entry.

Secure Payment Options

Most B2B's do not offer the ability to store payment information, Hubsoft uses vaulting and subscription tokens for secure credit processing using multiple currencies and merchant accounts. Save a credit card for secure use at the time of order placement for ready to ship orders and use the same stored card for future deliveries. Retailers can log on to the B2B to view and pay statements using a vaulted credit card. For those not wanting to pay by credit card, HubSoft provides customers with the option to pay using an ACH/eCheck.

Control user access to product and seasons

Every brand has unique requirements when creating a new season. HubSoft works with many different scenarios and allows for merchandising to be set up according to specific product categories and seasons based on user permissions. Create a master catalog with all product groups and seasons OR assign specific product categories according to territory and channel type.

Limit orders by brand or division

A successful B2B application should answer to all buying scenarios, whether a user is purchasing from an entire line or limited to specific product categories. HubSoft’s divisional restrictions feature allows brands to customize product availability for ordering based on account classification, assigned sales rep and/or product category. Users can be assigned to a product restriction that is customized specifically for their buying needs ensuring product will end up in relevant channels and territories.

Pricing Rules

Pricing Rules allow the portal to be configured to handle dynamic changes to order details during a users ordering process. I.e. whenever a user adds items to their cart, the rules are run to check to see if the order meets all active rule criteria, and then if true apply the actions set in the rules. The B2B's in our industry do not work with specific pricing rules that support individual business needs. Most companies offer one solution to a multi-layered problem, HubSoft is the leading expert when a company needs to apply pricing rules for ordering scenarios based on business strategy. Some of the many solutions to hosting multiple price books, currencies and incentives offered are:
  • The price book that is associated to the account applies too all account orders
  • The account login is assigned to a specific incentive for order processing
  • Total discount percentage based on dollar, unit or category volume
  • Split components to ship on separate orders
  • Trigger shipping rules based on dollar amount and product volume
  • The option to manage rules by date range