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B2B Transition Plan & What You Can Expect

The thought of a new B2B may seem daunting, but we think of it as an opportunity to gain a new partnership and directly support our customer's business goals. HubSoft specializes in integrations regardless of the size of your company. What does our transition plan entail?
  • Integration compatibility with various systems including but not limited to Shopify, Salesforce, NetSuite and Full Circle
  • Backend Set-up
  • Fully loaded front-end features
  • Collaborative end-to-end testing
  • Rollout strategy
  • Training and ongoing service support

Adapting to Virtual Sales

Adjust from in-person selling to remote meetings supported by virtual tools. There is no doubt that managing and maintaining relationships with retailers in person has been and continues to be a crucial approach to sales. However, as trends continue to point toward an increase in virtual engagement, brands, retailers, and reps are looking for intuitive virtual tools to assist with the evolved setting in which sales are made. Whether you are a retailer in need of marketing assets, a brand adjusting to a sustainable approach for seasonal digital catalogs or a sales rep needing to show a new product line, Hubsoft offers virtual sales tools that promote collaboration, on-brand content, and effective line showings. Key Feature: HubSoft's online presentation tool is an alternative to trade show pre-lining. This feature involves a customized interactive catalog where the customer and sales rep share a synchronized pre-line video while viewing a seasonal assortment. Together, capture notes, rate the products, or whiteboard to merchandise multiple delivery dates. At the end of the presentation the sales rep is able to walk away with a suggested order based on customers feedback and ratings. HubSoft's virtual sales features surpass a sales managers expectations while always offering a tool for each user level

How HubSoft is the Digital Catalog Solution

How can the digital catalog be the answer to each individual user for successful sell-in tools? A HubSoft catalog includes preloaded images and descriptions ready for users to add product for a customized assortment or complete seasonal categories. Our standout features:
  • Catalog templates
  • Option to use as an At Once, Closeout or Preseason catalog
  • Live video can be embedded into a catalog or a 360 view
What makes a HubSoft digital catalog different?
  • Virtual sales presentations can be tied to saved catalogs
  • Users can rate and review products in the catalogs
  • Rated products can be merchandised on whiteboard
  • Customers take home a PDF suggested order and order form generated from a digital catalog

Optimize Pre-booking

You've shown the line, now it's time to optimize the buy. What is HubSoft's version of a Sales Presentations and how can this feature help lock in pre-book commitments? By using HubSoft's Virtual Sales Presentations reps preview a digital catalog with customers and collect feedback. Together, buys are laid out across multiple delivery dates with an interactive whiteboard for visual merchandising. Using this feature reps are one step ahead, both customer and rep walk away from the presentation with a PDF merchandised order based on customer product ratings. The data gathered from these presentations is key in securing pre-book commitments in collaboration with customers. How to confirm a pre-book order using presentation results: • Resend a presentation link for the customer to review. • Share or email merchandised PDF and preseason order form within the B2B portal for customer approval with notifications for pre-booking deadline. • Upload the preseason order from presentation meeting notes based off the customer's "liked" ratings and submit order for customer.

How to Pre-line and Produce Analytics

Whether you are showing the line to your sales force at a sales meeting or to a key account for product feedback, HubSoft's Presentation tool produces outcomes that benefit sales managers, sales reps and the product team. How does it work?
  • A seasonal or custom catalog is used within the presentation to highlight new products or merchandise according to the customer's channel.
  • The presentation can be used individually, in a group or conveniently shared as a link.
  • While walking through the line the presenter receives feedback through ratings and comments noted at the product and color level by the rep or customer.
  • The presentation ratings result in a merchandised order with a PDF or Excel output.
How does this feature benefit the brand?
  • Sales team obtains analytics to help support seasonal buys
  • Sales managers and reps can track which accounts and prospects received a line showing for each season
  • Product and sales teams can collaborate on customer ratings and feedback to refine the product line.

HubSoft’s Newest Solution to Production Shortages

With the production issues our industry is currently facing, HubSoft now offers a bulk ordering system for both Reps and Accounts. The bulk order is designed to allow companies to reserve on hand inventory and any WIP inventory to help manage and control inventory levels through a season. Benefits of using the bulk ordering:
  • Reserve inventory for a scheduled date against an incoming PO
  • Reserve one specific sku, multiple sku’s or an entire season
  • Users are restricted to buy from the reserved amount on a bulk, if excess inventory is open to buy the user can pull from available to sell
  • Visibility on reserved, applied and remaining sku’s for each bulk in the order history tab
  • Bulks can be assigned to individual users or as a group
By setting up weekly, monthly or even quarterly bulks companies have control of on-hand inventory or reserve amounts for top accounts/ reps.